Symple Logistics: Mobile First Delivery Management for Foodservice Distributors

Symple is built for suppliers and buyers.

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Easy, Fast and Reliable Payments

  • Pay or request money from any business with an email address
  • Standard direct deposits received in 3-5 business days
  • Next day transfers also available –fastest in the industry!
  • Track payment and deposit dates
  • Auto Pay
  • Convenience of credit cards at a fraction of the cost

Effortless AR & AP Management

  • Send or receive an invoice by taking a photo, uploading a pdf or creating one in-app
  • Details automatically extracted from every invoice
  • Search, sort and manage all Payables and Receivables from any device
  • Team access and permissions
  • Income and spend analytics by category, customer or vendor
  • Automatically sync with Quickbooks, Freshbooks, or Net Suite

Relationship-Centric Business Network

  • Comment directly on invoices and transactions to keep Partners informed
  • Send gentle reminders for overdue payments
  • Connect over business chat for customer support, inquiries or sales
  • Build a shareable, professional business profile to showcase offerings, make announcements and wow potential customers or vendors
  • Discover and connect with more businesses

Symple tailors solutions for businesses looking to modernize their payments workflows and enhance their B2B relationships.

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